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Ecology and Conservation

Evolutionary ecology

Evolutionary ecology studies how ecological processes and evolutionary principles shape the diversity and adaptation of organisms in their environments. It explores how factors like competition, predation, and resource availability drive natural selection and influence evolutionary trajectories. By examining how species interact with their surroundings over time, our research can unravel the evolutionary mechanisms behind traits, behaviours, and species distributions. This interdisciplinary field provides insights into biodiversity patterns, ecosystem functioning, and responses to environmental changes, informing conservation and management strategies.


Each of our research themes bring together a diverse set of researchers from within the Department and beyond. Follow the links to their full profiles to find out more about their research interests.

Primary researchers

Bram Kuijper Alastair Wilson Alex Hayward Andrew Young
Angus Buckling Barbara Tschirren Ben Longdon Ben Raymond
Camille Bonneaud Chris Lowe Chris Bass Daniel Padfield
David Hodgson David Hosken Edze Westra Elze Hesse
Erik Postma Faye Thompson Gabriel Yvon Durocher Jeremy Field
Jonathan Blount Mario Recker Martin Stevens MD Sharma
Nick Royle Sasha Dall Tom Tregenza Xiaoya Ma
Trine Bilde      
Alex Thornton Jolyon Troscianko Thomas Currie Xavier Harrison
Xiaoya Ma