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Ecology and Conservation

Disease, pathogens and parasites

Disease biology explores how diseases develop and spread, while disease ecology examines the interactions between pathogens, hosts, and the environment. Our research uses techniques such as experimental evolution in controlled environments, ecophysiology, molecular ecology and microbiome mapping. This research is critical for understanding and mitigating the impacts of infectious diseases on both human and wildlife populations, ultimately promoting global health and conservation efforts.


Each of our research themes bring together a diverse set of researchers from within the Department and beyond. Follow the links to their full profiles to find out more about their research interests.

Primary researchers

Alex Hayward Andrew Pye Angus Buckling Barbara Tschirren
Ben Longdon Ben Raymond Camille Bonneaud David Hodgson
Edze Westra Elze Hesse Mario Recker Robbie McDonald
Stineke Van Houte Xavier Harrison    
Bram Kuijper Alastair Wilson Andrew Young Daniel Padfield
Erik Postma Karl Wotton Neeltje Boogert Regan Early