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 Chris Kerry

Chris Kerry

Postdoctoral Researcher


 Environment and Sustainability Institute Desk 65, Room 1.25


Environment and Sustainability Institute, University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9FE, UK




Journal articles

Witt M, Hawkes L, Exeter O, Kerry C, Rudd J, Henderson S, Kukulya A, Yoda N, Whelan S (In Press). Autonomous underwater videography and tracking of basking sharks. Animal Biotelemetry
Rudd JR, Bartolomeu T, Dolton HR, Exeter OM, Kerry C, Hawkes L, Henderson SM, Shirley M, Witt MJ (In Press). Basking shark sub-surface behaviour revealed by animal-towed cameras. PLoS One
Witt M, Hawkes L, Exeter O, Kerry C, Rudd J, Hall J, Hall G, Henderson S (In Press). High resolution biologging of breaching by the world's second largest shark species. Scientific Reports
Witt M, Exeter O, Bicknell A, Kerry C, Htut T, Kyi MM, Mizrahi M, Turner R (In Press). Shining light on data-poor coastal fisheries. Frontiers in Marine Science
Collins C, Kerry C, de Vos A, Karnad D, Nuno A, Letessier TB (2023). Changes in illegal fishing dynamics in a large-scale MPA during COVID-19. Current Biology, 33(16), R851-R852.
Kerry CR, Exeter OM, Witt MJ (2022). Monitoring global fishing activity in proximity to seamounts using automatic identification systems. Fish and Fisheries, 23(3), 733-749. Abstract.
Vieira WF, Kerry C, Hockings KJ (2019). A comparison of methods to determine chimpanzee home-range size in a forest-farm mosaic at Madina in Cantanhez National Park, Guinea-Bissau. Primates, 60(4), 355-365. Abstract.  Author URL.

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