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Ecology and Conservation

 Joseph Faulks

Joseph Faulks

Lab Manager

 01326 371857

 Daphne du Maurier 


Daphne du Maurier Building, University of Exeter,  Penryn Campus, Penryn, Cornwall, TR10 9FE, UK


After many years working as a Research technician on multiple projects ranging from molecular ecology to whole organism behaviour, I found myself drawn into the management of the Research Labs on Penryn Campus.

After the technical services restructuring and a small stint managing the Biosciences teaching Lab I returned to what I did best, becoming the lab manager for the CLES research labs on the Exeter Penryn campus.

My role is very varied and includes assisting with COSHH and Risk Assessments for both staff and students, ordering, maintaining and repairing numerus items of lab equipment, teaching staff and students how to use equipment and carry out lab techniques and anything else included in the smooth running of a scientific lab.  My main fields of knowledge are molecular and behavioural ecology.

More recently I have taken over the management of the research labs in two other builds.  This has meant a big change and a lot more to do but working with my team (two members of staff) we are forging new relationships with research groups and improving services for all as well as working jointly across the campus with the other members of Technical Services.


BSc Hon, Environmental Biology

MPhil, Sexual selection and mate choice of hybridising crickets

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