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Ecology and Conservation

Dr Kelly Moyes

Dr Kelly Moyes

Director of Student Experience

 +44 (0) 1326 259239

 Stella Turk Building B046-129


University of Exeter, Penryn Campus, Penryn, TR10 9FE


My research and professional career has focused on British ecology, conservation and natural history.  My early career found me living and working on the Isle of Rum in Scotland studying the population ecology of red deer.  During three years as an ecological consultant I provided advice to landowners, developers and planners on the ecological impacts of developments and I continue to maintain a keen interest in the issues surrounding British conservation.  I have also studied badgers in Cornwall, examining the mechanisms for contact with cattle to understand how bovine tuberculosis is transmitted between the species. 


2007: PhD University of Kent and Imperial College (Silwood Park)
2001: BSc University of Reading


2017:             Senior Lecturer, Centre for Ecology & Conservation, University of Exeter                          

2014-2017:    Lecturer, Centre for Ecology & Conservation, University of Exeter

2012-2014:    Post-doctoral Research Assistant, Badger Cattle Contact Project, Institute of Zoology

2009-2012:    Senior Ecologist, Wild Frontier Ecology, Norfolk

2007-2009:    Post-doctoral Research Associate, Large Animal Research Group, University of Cambridge

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Journal articles

Hawkes WL, Davies K, Weston S, Moyes K, Chapman JW, Wotton KR (2023). Bat activity correlated with migratory insect bioflows in the Pyrenees. Royal Society Open Science, 10(8). Abstract.
Woodroffe R, Donnelly CA, Chapman K, Ham C, Moyes K, Stratton NG, Cartwright SJ (2021). Successive use of shared space by badgers and cattle: implications for <i>Mycobacterium bovis</i> transmission. JOURNAL OF ZOOLOGY, 314(2), 132-142.  Author URL.
Theobald E, Hosken DJ, Foster P, Moyes K (2020). Mines and bats: the impact of open-pit mining on bat activity. ACTA CHIROPTEROLOGICA, 22(1), 157-166.  Author URL.
Woodroffe R, Donnelly CA, Ham C, Jackson SYB, Moyes K, Chapman K, Stratton NG, Cartwright SJ (2017). Ranging behaviour of badgers Meles meles vaccinated with Bacillus Calmette Guerin. Journal of Applied Ecology, 54(3), 718-725. Abstract.
Woodroffe R, Donnelly CA, Ham C, Jackson SYB, Moyes K, Chapman K, Stratton NG, Cartwright SJ (2017). Use of farm buildings by wild badgers: implications for the transmission of bovine tuberculosis. European Journal of Wildlife Research, 63(1). Abstract.
Woodroffe R, Donnelly CA, Ham C, Jackson SYB, Moyes K, Chapman K, Stratton NG, Cartwright SJ (2016). Badgers prefer cattle pasture but avoid cattle: implications for bovine tuberculosis control. Ecol Lett, 19(10), 1201-1208. Abstract.  Author URL.
Pelletier F, Moyes K, Clutton-Brock TH, Coulson T (2012). Decomposing variation in population growth into contributions from environment and phenotypes in an age-structured population. Proc Biol Sci, 279(1727), 394-401. Abstract.  Author URL.
Moyes K, Nussey DH, Clements MN, Guinness FE, Morris A, Morris S, Pemberton JM, Kruuk LEB, Clutton-Brock TH (2011). Advancing breeding phenology in response to environmental change in a wild red deer population. Global Change Biology, 17(7), 2455-2469. Abstract.
Moyes K, Morgan B, Morris A, Morris S, Clutton-Brock T, Coulson T (2011). Individual differences in reproductive costs examined using multi-state methods. J Anim Ecol, 80(2), 456-465. Abstract.  Author URL.
Raihani NJ, Nelson-Flower MJ, Moyes K, Browning LE, Ridley AR (2010). Synchronous provisioning increases brood survival in cooperatively breeding pied babblers. J Anim Ecol, 79(1), 44-52. Abstract.  Author URL.
Moyes K, Morgan BJT, Morris A, Morris SJ, Clutton-Brock TH, Coulson T (2009). Exploring individual quality in a wild population of red deer. J Anim Ecol, 78(2), 406-413. Abstract.  Author URL.
Nussey DH, Metherell B, Moyes K, Donald A, Guinness FE, Clutton-Brock TH (2007). The relationship between tooth wear, habitat quality and late-life reproduction in a wild red deer population. J Anim Ecol, 76(2), 402-412. Abstract.  Author URL.
Moyes K, Coulson T, Morgan BJT, Donald A, Morris SJ, Clutton-Brock TH (2006). Cumulative reproduction and survival costs in female red deer. Oikos, 115(2), 241-252. Abstract.

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Roles and Responsibilities

  • Programme Director for Professional Placement, Zoology, Animal Behaviour and Evolutionary Biology
  • Senior tutor for PGT students
  • Employability lead for CLES Cornwall

2nd Year Undergraduate modules

  • BIO2425 Introduction to Ecological Consultancy (coordinator)
  • BIO2426 Analysis of Biological Data (coordinator)

3rd Year Undergraduate

  • BIO3404 Borneo Field Course


  • BIOM014 Preparing for Ecological Consultancy (coordinator)



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Office Hours:

My office hours through May (I'm on a field course for the remainder of the term) will be held in my office at these times (let me know if you can't meet at these times and we can arrange an alternative):

  • Tuesday 9-10am
  • Wednesday 11am-12pm

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