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Ecology and Conservation

 Jeroen Ingels

Jeroen Ingels

Honorary Research Fellow



Jeroen Ingels is a marine ecologist specialized in benthic biodiversity, ecosystem functioning and food-web ecology, with particular focus on the biology/ecology of meiofauna and nematodes. At PML he is currently undertaking an EU FP7 Marie Curie Fellowship, which will be followed by a PML Postdoctoral Research Fellowship within the Marine Life Support Systems Area.

As a postdoctoral fellow, Jeroen is engaged in different research projects investigating what drives benthic diversity and how this affects marine sediment functions with links to important processes such as biogeochemical cycling and food-web flows and interactions. He is also involved in assessments of anthropogenic and climate-change impacts on benthic ecosystems. At PML, Jeroen is using meiofauna as model organisms to achieve multidisciplinary integration, combining traditional biodiversity research with experimental approaches, modelling techniques, socio-economic research, and science-policy communication.

Jeroen has a strong background in deep-sea ecology but has also been involved in several international projects investigating Antarctic and shallow-water ecosystems, and assessments of anthropogenic and climate change impacts on marine ecosystems.

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He obtained his PhD degree in deep-sea ecology in 2009 at Ghent University, following MSc degrees in Marine and Lacustrine Sciences (2003-2004, high distinction) and Biology and Zoology (1998-2003, high distinction)

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